Friday, July 16, 2010

Downloads: RA Edition

I love music.

I really love Ryan Adams.

He's my fave.

If you haven't listened to him before - here is a list of some of my favorite songs. Download 'em.

"If I Am a Stranger" - I love to blast this song loudly and dance around the house to it. And I do. And try to get Chad to join in. (Only the studio version. The acoustic version is much more mellow.)

"Let it Ride" - This song reminds me of my big brother. We loved to jam to Ryan Adams together in college. This was one of our favorites.

"My Love For You Is Real" - The song that shoulda been our first dance at our wedding. Didn't hear it in time. Love, love, love it.

"Now That You're Gone" - good sleepy-time song.

"La Cienega Just Smiled" - the first of Ryan Adam's songs that I fell in love with.

"Wonderwall" - yes, a cover of the old Oasis version. Ryan's blows it out of the water. Same lyrics - a completely different tone. Makes it sound like a different song. Haunting.

"So Alive" - much more rock and roll. Fun.

There's a million more. But that'll give you a taste. Enjoy!


  1. Awww.... "My Love for You is Real" was one of our first dance options! Love that song.

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