Monday, July 12, 2010


I hope you readers had a great weekend - we definitely did.

Saturday we went to a restaurant in downtown Wake Forest called Backfins for some good ol' MD-style blue crabs. They were awesome. Chad always laughs that a girl that is scared of raw chicken has no problem picking around the guts of a crab.

Then Saturday night, Chad, my dad and brother went to a local golf course that has lights (allowing for nighttime play.) Mom and I rode around with them in the golf cart to (silently) cheer them on... since you can't really cheer at a golf course. The nighttime air was nice and cool (a nice relief from some of these hot Carolina days we're having.)

Sunday was nice and relaxing. I spent the day watching over a bubbling pot of pasta sauce I was making (family recipe), watching the World Cup with Chaddy, and finally wrapping the evening up with a bubble bath.

Next Sunday Chad and I are teaching our first Sunday school lesson for 2nd and 3rd graders at the church. We're excited and I'm sure we'll have some great Sunday School Adventures stories.

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