Wednesday, July 8, 2009

For Sale!

So a couple weeks ago Chad and I decided to put our townhouse on the market. We bought it almost exactly two years ago with the idea that we'd keep it three-five years, save some money, and then buy our "forever" home.

Well with the housing market in the state it is, we were tempted into buying bigger now. Yes, we might not make much on our townhouse, but the money we'd save buying in this market outweighs the cost of selling now. But let me tell you - buying/selling a house is no joke! When we bought our townhouse, we didn't stress it much. We knew we wanted a new townhouse, preferably in the Apex area, and didn't want to spend a lot of money on it (understanding it would be a temporary move). There weren't too many options, so it was easy to decide on one.

"Forever Homes" are a whole new ballgame.

We want to buy a house that we can grow in to - a house where we can raise our children. Trying to weigh what appeals to us now (mid-twenty somethings) and what will appeal to us when we have rebellious teenagers and perhaps a temperamental (I mean it will be part-me) middle schooler - is no easy feat! We're trying to think about room sizes, yard sizes, layouts, schools, neighborhoods, location, etc. It's a lot to decide on.

Add to that SELLING a house. That is a stress on its own! You often have less than 24 hours notice that someone is coming to view your house - which means it has to be spotless, and you have to be outta there! Every morning when I leave for work I have to make sure it looks perfect, in case someone decides to stop by and see it after work.

We've been searching houses online for months - and driving by a few ones that seem promising. However, this weekend we start our full-on hunt with the realtor. Wish us luck.

And if you know anyone looking to buy a super cute townhouse - walking distance from historic downtown Apex (one of CNN/Money Magazine's Top Small Towns in America) - please let me know! ;)

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