Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I know I need to blog...

I do not need any reminders from you peanuts (since y'all are my peanut gallery, get it) - I'm days behind on my blogging. And it's not without good intentions. Several times this week I thought about something and said - "Oooooh! I need to blog about this!"

Ideas include:
* Return on my Soapbox - issue: racial profiling and the Harvard professor. I just KNOW you want my two cents.
* My love of weather
* Chad's time at jury duty (not that I have much to tell because he's taking the 'sworn to secrecy' thing seriously - even with me)
* Fantasy Football season
* My time with CNN - a PR perspective
* Amy's months ago request of her bloggers to share their love stories

If there is one you're just dying to hear about let me know - I'm needing inspiration. Between a busy work schedule, busy freelance schedule, and busy everything else schedule - my brain is mush.

Hope everyone is doing fabulous!


  1. Hmm... if you are so bold, I vote for racial profiling and the Harvard professor. I get enough of fantasy football from my hubby!

  2. Please please please tell your love story!!! Please!

  3. Whitney - you wish is granted. Amy, I'll do yours tomorrow!