Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Easy Peasy

As I've made clear already on this blog - I love food. I love cooking... and everything to do with it. I mean my favorite TV shows are Chopped, Top Chef and Top Chef Masters for goodness sake. (PS: If you don't watch them, start now.)

While at the beach last week, we came in from outside and turned on Food Network (as we do in my family), and an unamed chef (to protect my trade secrets) was making these amazing looking sticky cinnamon buns. I was like - for sure I can do that.

The day we got back home I went to get the ingredients to bring it as a dessert for July 4th with the Arnolds (or Annabelle's parents as I might now call them). They were incredible - everyone loved them. Chad told me for three days they were one of his favorite things I've ever made. I think he fell in love with me over these suckers.

Fastforward to the next day at his parents:

Chad (to his mom): "Carrie made the most amazing cinnamon rolls the other day."
M-I-L: "Oh really?! Yum. How did you do it (to me)?"
Chad: "They were so easy!"

This is where if I had powers like Zack Morris on Saved By the Bell I would do a TIMEOUT.

Chad did not assist one bit in my cinnamon roll preparation. He watched me for about 3 minutes. And he dried my Kitchenaid dough mixer attachment. That's it. And here he is telling his mom how EASY it was.

Mind you, it was pretty darn easy. Maybe took me 20 minutes to prep - tops? But who did he think he is trying to downplay the process. Maybe it was easy for me because I'm like Betty Flippin' Crocker. Hmph (insert foot stomp).

Now, I think most people would let it cinnamon roll right off their back, but as you all know - I'm not one to keep quiet.


Me: "CHAD! How can you say it was easy (insert: rehash of my argument above)?! Besides, sometimes it looks better for us women to make it appear it took us hours to make something. We have to keep some secrets don't we?"
Chad: "That doesn't make sense. Why would you care if it was easy or not! They were delicious!"
Me: "I can just see it now. You'll go into work tomorrow and tell everyone about my delicious cinnamon rolls and when someone asks for the recipe you'll go ahead and tell them how EASY they were to make... even though you didn't even make them in the first place!"
Chad: "Well what if someone asks me if they were hard to make - do I LIE!?!?"
(at this point my m-i-l is giggling/sighing in the corner at our antics - she's used to it by now)
Me: "I'm not saying you LIE. I'm saying you tell them 'Well I don't know how hard they were because I DIDN'T MAKE THEM.'"
Chad (frusterated): "FINE. I won't even bring them up."

I think that ended the conversation. Maybe I'll let HIM make them next time and see if he's so quick to throw out "easy." Hah!

To all my male readers (or female readers that aren't the cooks in their duo), it's time for my....

Haiku Moral of the Story
When wife is cooking
Do not use the word 'easy'
No sweet rolls for you

PS: Don't ask me for the recipe you punks. They will be my impressive dessert/thank you gift/housewarming present to you in the future and you can all marvel about what an amazing chef/baker I am. A girl's gotta have secrets.

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