Monday, July 13, 2009

Life Changing Moment

I do a lot of "small snacks" during the day since I have blood sugar issues- and when my blood sugar drops I get queasy, shaky and headaches. I solve this problem by trying to eat a little something about every three hours. Usually this consists of a handful of almonds, a granola bar, a peice of fruit, some raw cut up veggies, etc. Nothing to write home about, but it keeps me feeling good.

Well last weekend, Chad and I dropped by Trader Joe's (having about a half hour to wait before our dinner reservations). I figured I'd pick up a bag of my usual roasted almonds - but then saw "Sesame Honey Almonds" and thought I'd give them a try. I like sesame seeds, honey, almonds - figured why not.

Minutes ago I opened the bag, pulled out a handful and tried one out.




They are friggin' incredible. If you have not tried them before, go to your local Trader Joe's pronto. Like leave your desk in such a rush that your coworkers will freak out thinking someone you love was in horrible accident. When you get back to the office and everyone gets angry at you because you left in such a state that it left them worried, you can give everyone one almond (you won't want to share more than that) and you will be forgiven instantly. Maybe even promoted. Okay, so maybe give two or three to your boss.

These almonds have changed my life! I'm going to force myself to take the big bag home tonight and portion them into small snack bags to bring daily to keep myself from eating this whole bag in one sitting.

You're welcome in advance!

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