Friday, July 1, 2011

Pregnancy Week by Week 29-32

Week 29-32 (Month 7)How is it possible that I'm entering my 8th month of pregnancy?

Baby Size: A squash (or head of lettuce.) According to my "What to Expect" pregnancy tracker on my phone, this week baby is 19in. and 3.9 lbs! I have an ultrasound on Tuesday though so I'll get the "official" numbers then.
How I feel about being pregnant: I feel really blessed that I've been able to carry the baby as long as I have. Though I've had some bumps along the way, this pregnancy has really been an absolutely incredible experience. I have a feeling by the time I do my next entry at 9 months I'll likely been feeling a wee bit different. ;) Right now I'm still loving having this baby in me (despite the accompanying discomfort) and I just love watching and feeling my little boy move around all day.
Symptoms: My body is just pretty sore trying to carry around all this extra baby up front. My lower back is so sore that I have been sleeping with a heating pad every night (and often putting it on my work chair during the days) to try to combat it. Also, I'm drinking water like a crazy person - I'm soooo thirsty all the time.
Food cravings: I'd still saying nothing crazy. I haven't been dying for pickles, ice cream or anything. Every now and then I'll be in the mood for something, but I don't think it is any different (or more intense) than any pre-pregnancy food cravings.... minus the bag of peanut M&Ms I crushed yesterday afternoon.
What I'm most excited about: Ummm, no brainer. Meeting the little man. But also, seeing Chad as a father. I'm pretty excited for that. As for the more immediate "excitement" - I'm pretty pumped for my ultrasound on Tuesday to see our little guy again.
Something I've done to prepare for baby: Nursery is, for all intents and purposes, done! I'm sure we'll add little knick-knacks between now and D-day, but it's completely ready for baby! Also, thanks to generous gifts from friends and family, we have a lot of the big items we need - crib, carseat, stroller, high chair, etc.
Special moment: Definitely my baby shower this past weekend. I had such a nice time with a wonderful group of women. Also, all the continued love and support from other moms I know has been incredible.

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