Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baby update: 32 ... or is it 33 weeks

Back to the doctor again this morning for a ultrasound to check on the growth of our little boy.

Here's the rundown:
Mama's doing great -
Nice blood pressure of 108/60
Weight gain - 10.5 lbs
Gestational diabetes - readings are all great, nothing to be concerned about

Baby is doing great-
Our son is growing! First good new - he is in the head-down position. I know he can still twist himself around some, but hopefully he'll stay that way! The little one is now 4lbs 8oz and in the 53 percentile... which the doctor is very, very pleased with. I'm measuring closer to 33 weeks than 32 (fine with me - let's get this show on the road), and the doctor thinks I'm right on track to have a "perfect sized" 7lb baby. I can do 7lbs. ;) Little mister was very cooperate during the ultrasound and we got to see his sweet little face!

{profile shot of our lovie}

The only thing a little bit worrisome (and I stress little because the doctor told me to NOT freak out because my numbers are only slightly off) is the fact that my fluid levels surrounding the baby are a teeny bit into the low range. He said he'd be much more concerned about this if the baby wasn't growing right on target, as low fluid + low size could indicate a problem with the placenta.

So just to make sure this isn't an ongoing (or worsening problem) - I go back in later this week for a NST (Fetal Non-Stress Test) where they'll attached a "belt" to my stomach and monitor the baby's movements, heart rate and any contractions for about 20-30 minutes. Then we'll go back in next Tuesday for an ultrasound so they can re-measure the fluid around baby and to make sure the little guy is still growing.

In the meantime, I need to be drinking water like it's my job.

There are complications (of course) if low-amniotic fluid continues to be a problem - but I'm not letting myself get worked up over it until I know that it's an issue... and not just a miscalculation. So I'm trying to stay upbeat since all indications (mainly his growth and his veryyyy frequent movements indicate he is doing just fine.)

But I'm glad Chad and I got to see our little boy today. We just are so in love already.

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