Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer meals

Got a nice little package from Papa Spuds yesterday - filled with summer goodness.

Yellow beans
Grape tomatoes
Yellow squash
Pickling cucumbers
Yukon gold potatoes
Mini peach poundcake

So last night's dinner was a little sampler - sauteed squash, homemade fried okra, corn off the cob and baked beans I had left over from the 4th of July.

And, of course, some peach poundcake with fresh raspberries for dessert.

I'm so excited about continuing to get these fresh veggies once baby arrives and starts on solid foods. I will definitely be making my own baby food and I hope my little one will be open to eating all sorts of different foods. Since Chad and I are adventurous eaters, I hope Jack takes after us! I refuse to be "that mom" that insists her child will only eat Tyson's chicken nuggets for dinner every night.

And... while we're on the topic... Chad set up baby Jack's keekaroo high chair that we were lucky to get from my in-laws at our baby shower last week. How cute is it?!

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