Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Continuing my love affair with homemade pizza

So I'm still all over doing homemade pizzas.

1) They are usually pretty quick to prepare - especially when I do my prep work ahead of time (i.e.: slicing veggies, shredding cheese, preparing the sauce, etc.) - so I can throw it together quickly on a week night... a necessity for me.

2) The variety is endless... and it gives me a platform to make delicious meat-less pizzas. I still think Chad hasn't picked up on it yet... I haven't once put meat on a pizza. Score! Except now he'll read the blog and realize it. And I get to use a variety of crusts, veggies and cheese (do you remember my holy trinity of food post?).

3) And perhaps best of all, I get to absolutely destroy my kitchen. Flour from floor to ceiling it feels like. And since Chad is OCD kitchen-cleanliness guy, the rebel in me gets a sort of satisfaction whenever my kitchen is an absolute disaster. The kind of disaster that Chad walks in, takes one look, and walks right on out.

Well some of my fave food blogs have obviously heard that MPLT is on a pizza kick... and have been so kind as to post some new pizza recipes for me to try.

Like Smitten Kitchen's shaved asparagus pizza.

Y'all know I'm in a horribly obsessed with asparagus, right? And now asparagus on pizza?! Amen? Amen.

And here we have Serious Eat's Grilled Pizza Napoletana Pizza.

A pizza that I can get Chad to make for me (grill = boy job)?!?! Life IS good t-shirt company. You are correct!

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