Monday, June 28, 2010

Bread success

I successfully made it through my first homemade bread baking. It was pretty yummy if I say so myself.

Before baking:
Chad was so cute and very supportive over my breadmaking. I'll probably try again this weekend - maybe doing a classic yeast loaf.

And speaking of expanding my culinary horizons, as we were in bed last night watching "The Next Food Network Star" - as some of the contestants were making fried chicken - Chad announced:

"I bet the judges would like your fried chicken best."
Me: "I've never even made fried chicken."
Chad: "I know, but you should. I bet yours would be awesome."

Do you see how he works me!?! He's a clever one.

So I might attempt fried chicken this weekend. Any tips for a fried chicken novice?

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