Sunday, November 15, 2009

You're my best friend

I want to thank my beautiful wife for another chance to guest appear on her blog. I feel that my posts do bring a nice change of pace to this lovely blog. Some of you may have been missing my posts as much as I miss making them. Having feelings of "I used to be love drunk, but now I'm hung over..." from missing Chad's awesome blog posts. (Editor's note: I didn't understand this at first but it is from a song that once Chad started signing I remembered.) Yes, I am still hip with the youngsters. So let's get to the meat. Chad's pretty awesome thoughts v.2.

Last Fall I was introduced to a wonderful delight which has had me in a quiet withdrawal and yearning for this winter season. I am going to introduce each and everyone of you to this little joy now. But I must warn you that I cannot be held responsible for any addictions which may befall upon you after using this wonderful treat.

I was beset with a horrible cough last winter which I could not seem to shake and it became very painful. A friend of mine then introduced me to... wait for it........Fisherman's Friend.

This may be the best friendship you will ever develop. TRUST ME. I began taking these wonderful little straight menthol lozenges to help with my sore throat. I started with one at a time but quickly moved to two. And then it got to the point that I felt awkward when I didn't have one in my mouth...and I was eating them even once I got better.

(Editor's note: This same winter I got a horrible sinus infection. Since Chad walked around smelling like a tub of Vick's Vapo Rub, I made him breath into my nose once (Editor's note within an editor's note: This is one of those gross things that you can only do with your spouse but everyone else would find disgusting.) to see if it helped my breathing. It did. That's how much menthol was in those drops. His breath was a mentol inhaler.)

We took a trip to Maryland with Carrie's family during which time I introduced Fisherman's Friend to my brother in law, Mike. He soon became hooked and I became his personal "pusher" for the trip. He also began to show the signs of withdrawal when he did not have one of these smooth, refreshing lozenges.

(Editor's note: Mike and Chad began eating like these things like they were crack. They'd start getting shaky if they went more than 10 minutes without their next drop. Needless to say, it was completely disgusting having both of them smell like menthol during a 6 hour car drive.)

It got so bad that once we got back to NC, Carrie made me go to the drug store to ask the pharmacist "What are the health concerns my husband should have for consuming a full bag of these things in one day?" Her reply was "fresh breath." HA!!!

So do yourself a favor this fall and winter season. (Editor's note: If you are a man. Or girls, for your man. Women would have no interest in these things). Cast out your nets next time in the drug store and pull in some Fisherman's Friend. I promise you that it will be the best holiday gift that you treat yourself to.

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