Monday, November 23, 2009

House updates

Since I know you can barely stand not knowing any updates on the house, here's the latest.

First- they began putting up framing last week...

Back of the house:

Front of the house:

Note: Chad took these from the car. I'm so paranoid to take the pictures when these poor guys are working on the place. I feel stalkerish.

So they're moving right along. Hopefully, they'll have the second floor complete before Thanksgiving. We owe another big chunk o' change to the builders on Wednesday and that should b
e it until we go to close. I think all these big checks are taking years off Chad's life. His hair is turning gray. Oh well - it will be worth it in the end.

Easy for me to say... if my hair was turning gray I'd be singing a different tune. But I like Chad's gray hairs. I tell him so frequently... to which he responds, "You better. I didn't have any until I married you."

So last Friday we went with our designer to the cabinet store to select all our cabinets and hardware. I was proud of myself. Decisive, clear-headed and focused. It wasn't until the last 15 minutes when we were having to choose cabinet hardware for things like that laundry room that I started getting a little "NO MORE CHOICES!" But I made it through.

So here we are. Kitchen cabinets will be antique white with a mocha glaze.

Master bathroom cabinets will be black distressed maple, like so:

Buddy bath and laundry room cabinets will be traditional high-gloss white:

I'd show you my hardware - but I barely even remember because it was such a blur. But I did select different hardware for each room. Our designer was good about shushing Chad after he told me, "Don't have too many different ones..." by saying "It's completely fine to have different hardware in different rooms. Choose what YOU like." There was a lot more than went into our cabinet selections - i.e. recessed vs. raised panel, over-laid or not, varying heights or not, decorative hood or extra cabinet space, etc., but I won't bore you. Needless to say, there are a lot more cabinets options than you would think.

So Wednesday afternoon is our next big selection day. We are going to the granite yard, the tile store and the lighting store (if there is enough time). We'll also be choosing the mantle, paint, crown molding, carpet, etc. If we push back the lighting store trip, we'll finish that in January. So pretty much, after this week, all the decisions will be done. Yippee!

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