Tuesday, November 24, 2009


There is something about warm, straight from the dryer linens. Chad laughs at me that my favorite thing to do is unload clothes from the dryer, go lay on the couch/bed and pour the clean laundry all over my body for a few minutes while it is still nice, toasty and warm. And my friends in college always said that they liked hugging me because I always smelled like fresh laundry.

I have a thing for it, I guess.

Warm laundry is perhaps one of my favorite things.

I think it might be from my childhood. One of my favorite childhood memories was how every morning during the winter before we'd wake up for school, my mom would lay our school uniforms on the space heater for a few minutes to warm them up. That way, we'd get to put on nice, warm clothes.

Gah. I'm spoiled I know. But I really do have the best mom in the world.

So, imagine my excitement as I'm thumbing through a Bed, Bath & Beyond circular last night when I see THIS:
The "Towel Spa." Description: Nothing feels cozier than a nice, warm towel. Towel Spa thoroughly warms your entire towel inside and out in minutes. Perfect for keeping your towel warm while you're in the bath or shower. It even warms oversized towels, socks, gloves and robes.

Can you believe that? I've been having to dry off with air temperature robes and put plain socks on my chilled feet when all this time the Towel Spa would have been there for me!

Not only do they make a towel spa, but they offer all sorts of stuff like THIS:

Warmrails Temperature Controlled Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Towel Warmer and Drying Rack This temperature controlled towel warmer and drying rack's electronic control panel offers high, medium and low settings. The Filatherm™ element uses less power than a regular lightbulb and allows you to use your Warmrails 24 hours a day. Perfect for drying towels as well as lingerie, baby clothes, bathing suits and more.

There were DOZENS of things like this. HOW WAS I NOT AWARE?

I gave Chad fair warning that I expect to see a variety of said items under the tree this Christmas.

Towel warmers were meant for me.

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