Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy (Late) Anniversary to my parents!

On Monday, my mom and dad celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, they headed up to gorgeous Asheville, NC for the week.

They spent the first few days at famed Biltmore Inn, doing tours, having afternoon tea, eating yummy meals and enjoying time together. Yesterday, I believe, they moved to a little cabin where they'll stay until Saturday. It has been a long time since my mom and dad spent a full week, just the two of them. Every time I've talked to my mom she sounded giddy with excitement... and, likely, wine.

Here's the problem: I miss my mom! Every weekday morning during our commutes to the office, my mom and I get a good 30 minute phone convo in. And mind you, I live 5 minutes from my parents... it's not like I don't seem them. Sure there are some mornings we don't have much to talk about, but they are usually few and far between. Usually the time flies by, and I'm rushing to get off the phone with her so I'm not sitting outside my office in the parking lot for an extra 15 minutes.

And in addition to our morning calls, it's a given that at least twice or three times during the week, Chad or I will have a question for one of my parents that merits another phone call.

But I resolved that I'd let my dad have my mom all to himself this week, and keep my phone calls to a minimum: emergency calls only! I'm definitely ready to have her back. Not that I don't miss my daddy too... but my life just doesn't spin as neatly unless my mom is around.

With that said - I've got to say for the millionth time how blessed I've been to watch my parents navigate the at times crazy waters of marriage. I've read before that the best way for a father to show his children how much he loves them is by loving his wife. And truly, there has been no better gift for me - and all my siblings - than the stability they've provided us throughout the years with the steadfastness of their love for us and each other. That didn't mean days, and seasons, were difficult, but I'm glad they've pushed through.

So congrats, mom and dad! I hope the next 30 are even better!

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