Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flavored Yogurt

I was not lying to you people when I said that I think of really, really random stuff. I think this is why I have problems falling asleep at night. Two nights ago I think I kept myself up for about 2 extra hours (putting my bedtime at like 10:30 pm, right Han?) - thinking about what I would name my child if it were a boy. Note: I am NOT pregnant. Don't get excited Mom. But names were racing through my head all night. Drives me crazy. I can't shut it off either. But after 2 hours of mind racing, I usually try and thrash around the bed loudly in hopes Chad will wake up so I can talk to him. He doesn't. I think he's onto my game.

But that's neither here nor there.

Here is yogurt. Saturday afternoon I was at the g-store (my hip term for grocery store since gro-cer-ey is entirely too long to say. Three syllables - outta my life). Yoplait has about a gazillion different flavors. Since it was 1) around lunchtime, 2) I had just worked out and 3) not had anything to eat all day - the choices were lookin' pretty appealing. I believe my selections included: cinnamon roll, strawberry shortcake, and another dessert-ish flavor like creme brulee (just kidding, that is not an option so don't get excited).

Fast-forward to Tuesday morning. Grab my yogurt selection for the day - cinnamon roll. The pretty pictur
e of a cinnamon roll with icing on the package has me thinking - this is going to be great! I have my first bite - and I'll be honest, I was pleased. It did taste like a cinnamon roll. But then I starting thinking - WHY in the WORLD to I want to be eating cinnamon roll-flavored yogurt? It's like a liquid cinnamon roll. And HOW do they get yogurt to even taste like a cinnamon roll. It's not like a fruit-flavored yogurt where there are actual pieces of the fruit in there. It was entirely too much for me to process for a Tuesday morning after a holiday weekend.

A haiku moral of the story:
Oh cinnamon roll
You don't belong in yogurt

Stick with strawberry

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