Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Working from home

So, my boss is letting me work from home today because I'm tied to the door (I'm expecting an overnight package I need before we leave tomorrow morning for Maryland) and because holiday weeks at universities are ALWAYS dead. Students are gone... professors are gone... so that means the staff is gone. Originally Chad was supposed to be working today (hence me having to stay home for my package), but last night when he got home from work he said he was so jealous I was getting to be home yesterday he decided to take today off!

But I did have some things I needed to get done at home today, so I woke up, fixed breakfast and coffee and set-up my laptop on the kitchen table with some Whiskeytown playing in the background.

And I just starting thinking... MAN, it would be nice to work from home every day.

But Chad left about 45 minutes ago to run errands, and I'm ALREADY wondering when he's going to be home. So here's something I realized: I don't think I'd like working from home... because that would involve me being home ALONE.

And I don't do alone well. I need people around.

I blame it on growing up in a large family. "Alone time" didn't exist.

Every now and then it's a nice change of pace, but I'd miss my office time.

Anyway, this is probably my last post of the week. We head to Annapolis tomorrow morning to my grandparents with all my family. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you have so much to be thankful for. I know I do.

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