Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Don't kill me...

... but another Christmas post is about to happen.

Just an itty bitty one.

So this year, we're going to have two Christmas trees. We have a skinny fake tree that
we'll put in the foyer of our house so it can be seen through our double-doors from the street.

And then we're going to have a huge, big, National Lampoon Christmas Vacation-style real tree for the living room. And it will be glorious.

Unfortunately, since we only had one tree in our little townhome, I only have on
e Christmas-tree skirt. And since I've already written three posts about Christmas and it's not even the middle of November, you can tell how serious I am about all things Christmas.

So I started hunting online for the perfect Christmas tree skirt.

And I found it.

The one.

The one I've been dreaming of my whole life:

Unfortunately it's from Horchow - the catalog/website I warn all my readers to destroy immediately once you get it since you'll want everything in it... and that just looking at it will cause you to go into bankruptcy.

My pretty little tree skirt of my dreams is $650. Yes, $650. You got that right. I didn't put a decimal in the wrong place. Oh, but because of their super-awesome special "sale", I can get it for a rock-bottom price of $455.

The sound you just heard were the wails of the brokenhearted. My tree skirt dreams are dashed.

So if anyone is interested in donating to MPLT's Christmas-tree skirt fund, I have a donation jar on our front step. I'm going to put a quarter in it when I get home.

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