Thursday, November 11, 2010


It was a unexpected surprise that Chad was going to get today off (as of late, Monday has been his day to be home.) Wanting to take full-advantage of the time I get to see him before he's nodding off to sleep, I suggested a lunch date.

He came to pick me up wearing his new J.Crew sweater I bought him as a surprise "thanks for working your butt off during outage" present. We went to lunch at my new favorite Asian restaurant near campus. Afterward, we went to the bookstore to look around and drove around campus a bit. Note to new readers: I work at a university.

I don't know what it was, but the whole thing seemed very "first date-ish" to me. When we were in the car on the way to lunch, I actually had butterflies in my stomach. He just looked SO cute and it's been awhile since the two of us have been on a "date" (sad, I know.)

And it was so nice to have those same "first date rush" feelings, but with all the history we have behind it. I loved getting to hold his hand as we walked around the same university where we met... knowing that he's not just some guy I'm dating --- he's my HUSBAND.

In life, we forget some times to focus on all the little, amazing things we have.... and things -we quite honestly - take for granted.

Today, a gorgeous husband, a delicious lunch and absolutely perfect weather were all it took for me to practically skip back into my office and face the rest of the day with a smile on my face.

I hope you find joy in a little something today too.

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