Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bummed over boots

I loooooooooove boots. I would have a hundred pairs if I could.

I tell Chad, when I die, bury me in boots and cashmere.

So last week on Rue La La, Alberto Fermani (an Italian boot maker) had a pair of gorgeous tall leather boots for sale - from $500 to $250.

I knew I had to have them. I also knew Chad had already done my Christmas shopping. But I couldn't stop myself. I called Chad at work and begged him to let me buy the boots. And Chad, who tends to be against impulse purchases (it's amazing we stay married), agreed to let me get them.

Yippee! I ordered them, and anxiously watched my UPS tracking code to see when they'd land on my pretty little doorstep. Yesterday was the day.

I rushed home, quickly opened the package... admired the shiny Alberto Fermani shoebox... and delicately lifted the lid.

And my first response was, "Oh."

No squeal of excitement. No jump for joy.

I mean, they were the same boots. But the color didn't look as luxurious... the hue was much different than how they looked on the website. And they looked clunkier than I remembered.

But I figured, just try them on and see. I'm sure they'll look better on the foot.

Well... they were VERY snug. I know the leather would eventually give a little. But they just didn't do it for me. At all. And if I'm going to spend money on them, they better be getting a lot of use.

So sadly, this week I'll bid them adieu and ship them back to the Rue.

And my next boot purchase will be made in person.

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